What is Reliance Smart Tyohaar Ready Sale 2022?

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Are you searching for details about Reliance Smart Tyohaar Ready sale 2002? Well, today we provide full details about the Festive ready or Tyohaar ready sale from Reliance Retail.

Reliance Smart Tyohaar Ready Sale 2022

Reliance Retail has started Tyohhar ready sale for the festive season. This sale runs from 23rd Sep to 27th September 2022. It’s the biggest & largest sale from Reliance retail to take on Amazon & Flipkart for online shopping.

Reliance Smart Stores Tyohaar ready sale dates

Tyohaar Ready Sale Dates
Reliance Festive Ready Sale 2022 Offer Period23rd To 27th September 2022
Smart Stores Festive Ready Sale Starting Time12.00 AM Midnight 23rd September 2022
Reliance Smart Festive Ready Sale Ending Time11.59 PM Midnight 27th September 2022

Offer List; Tyohaar Ready Sale

This time reliance has mindblowing offers & discounts on grocery & festive products. Below is a list of Tyohaar-ready sales for smart stores;

Reliance Smart Tyohaar Ready SaleOffers
BeveragesUp to 50% Off
Personal CareBuy 1 Get 1 Free
Home CareBuy 2 Get 1 Free
Baby CareUp to 20% Off
Navratri Fasting EssentialsBuy 1 Get 1 Free
Sweets & Mithai Buy 1 Get 1 Free
ChocolatesBuy 2 Get 1 Free
Home Appliances Up to 70% Off
Kitchen ItemsBuy 1 Get 1 Free

What is Reliance Smart Price for Dry Fruits during this Diwali sale?

Check below the list of Dry Fruits for the Festival season.

Reliance Smart Dry Fruits Festive Rate
Good Life Almonds 500 g329
Regular Value Pack Plain Cashews 500 g379
Good Life (W320) Cashews 500 g409
Good Life Yellow Kishmish 500 g149
Date Crown Fard Dates 500 g165
Good Life Green Kishmish 500 g149
Value Pack Plain Cashews (4 pcs) 500 g365
Rajbhog Plain Makhana 250 g190
Good Life Salted Pistachios 200 g249
Good Life Walnut Kernels 500 g659
Good Life Almonds 100 g89
Good Life Salted Pistachios 500 g565
Good Life Arabian Dates 500 g (Pouch)89
Good Life Whole (W320) Cashews 100 g89
Good Life Phool Makhana 100 g89
Date Crown Bumaan Dates 500 g95
Good Life Whole (W320) Cashews 200 g189
Good Life Green Kishmish 200 g65
Good Life Mixed Dry Fruits 500 g289
Good Life Phool Makhana 250 g219
Good Life Walnut Kernels 200 g275
Good Life Broken (2 pcs) Cashews 200 g165
Good Life Black Raisin 500 g185
Lion Deseeded Dates 500 g133
Naturoz Daily California Almonds 900 g629
Brill Whole Almonds Combo Pack 1000g (500g x 2)735
Naturoz Daily Whole Cashews 900g759
Naturoz Daily Almond Kernels 400 g319
Farmley Prasadam Makhana 200g165
Naturoz Daily Walnut Kernels (Brown Halves) 1000g (250g x 4)599
Farmley Popular California Almonds, 100% Natural, 2 Times Crunchier, 500 g385
Farmley Popular California Almonds, 100% Natural, 2 Times Crunchier, 1 kg721
Green Leaf Dry Fruits Walnut Kernels Without Shell Premium 250 g (Pack of 4)1,092.00
Naturoz Daily Whole Cashews 1 kg799
Nutri Organics Dry Fruits Apricot/Jardalu Afghani Khumani, 1kg525
NutriOrganics Mix Dry Fruits Healthy Diet Snacks 500g, Premium Nut Mix With Cranberry522
Anjeer 100% Natural Anjeer (Dry Figs) 500g499
Nutri Organics Premium Afghani Anjeer, 1kg892
Good Life Green Kishmish 100 g36
Naturoz Daily California Almonds 1 kg719
Happilo 100% Natural Premium Whole Cashews 1000 g (Value Pack)809
Happilo 100% Natural Californian Almonds 500 g (Value Pack)409
Happilo Premium Whole Cashews 500 g389
Anjeer 100% Natural Dry Figs/Anjeer 1 kg799
Happilo 100% Natural California Almonds 1 kg729
Brill California Almonds 500 g (Pouch)455
Brill Plain Whole Cashews 500 g445
Tulsi Rozana California Walnuts Kernels 250 g245
Balaji Premium Anjeer/Dry Figs 500 g409
Farmley 100% Natural Raw W400 Cashew 500 g415
Nutraj Signature Recipe Ready English Walnut Kernels (Broken) Vacuum Pack 200 g211
Farmley Handpicked Gold Makhana ( Fox Nuts) 250g185
Good Life Fard Dates 500 g165
Navjeevan Medium Cashews 200 g216
Karmiq Californian Almonds 500 g375
Good Life Black Raisins 100 g45
Good Life Walnut Kernels 100 g142
Good Life Yellow Kishmish 200 g67
Lion Deseeded Wet Dates 200 g51
Good Life Fig Anjeer 100 g139
Good Life Broken (2 pcs) Cashews 500 g399
Good Life (2 pcs) Cashews 100 g106
Best Farms Green Pistachios 100 g355
Good Life Yellow Kishmish 100 g35
Lion Seeded Dates 500 g171
24 Mantra Organic Flax Seeds 200 g60
Shree Value Pack Plain Badam 200 g175
Shree Value Pack Plain Kaju 200 g195
Good Life Broken Cashews 200 g175
Regency Dried Cranberries 200 g129
Sapphero Plain Pistachios 250 g515
Pro Nature Organic Flax Seeds 200 g51
Pro Nature Organic Cashews 250 g387
Shree Mix Seeds 200 g99
Satyam Khopra 200 g95
Good Life Chironji 100 g165
Best Farms Magaj Seeds 100 g46
Shree Dry Coconut 200 g76
Lion Desert King Dates 500 g (Pouch)207
Good Life (W240) Cashews 200 g190
Wonderland Foods Roasted & Salted Cashews 200 g (Pack of 2)499
Wonderland Food Roasted & Salted Almonds 200 g (Buy 1 Get 1)615
Nutraj California Roasted & Salted Pistachios 200 g239
Good Life (W240) Cashews 500 g475
Wonderland Foods Roasted & Salted Pistachios 200 g (Pack of 2)539
Shree Chia Seeds 100 g75
Lotus Phool Makhana 100 g109
Good Life (W240) Cashews 100 g95
Shree Value Pack Black Raisin 250 g115
Wonderland Foods Premium Chia Seeds 200 g175
Wonderland Foods Premium Sunflower Seeds 200 g175
Wonderland Foods Premium Flax Seeds 200 g95
Shree Value Pack Mix Dry Fruits 150 g109
Wonderland Foods Premium Walnut Kernels 200 g317
Shree Value Pack Dry Apricots 200 g99
Best Farms Akbari Salted Pistachios 100 g199
Good Life Broken Cashews 100 g104
Shree Anjeer 180 g189
Organic Tattva Flax Seeds 100 g26
Navjeevan Sabja Seeds 100 g41
Shree Salted Pistachios 100 g181
Satyam Alshi 100 g20
Wonderland Foods Premium Pumpkin Seeds 200 g400
Wonderland Mixed Seeds 200 g182
24 Mantra Organic Almonds 100 g152
Regency Chia Seeds 250 g175
Shree Roasted Sunflower Seeds 100 g51
24 Mantra Organic Kishmish 100 g48
Shree Plain Pistachios 100 g318
Shree Whole White Kharek 200 g106
Wonderland Foods Premium Tangy Masala Flavoured Phool Makhana 100 g123
Wonderland Foods Cheese & Chilli Flavoured Roasted Makhana 100 g123
Shree Plain Alsi 500 g102
Wonderland Foods Premium Dried Blueberries 150 g361
DCC Delicious Tunnel Dried Cashews 200 g255
Shree Sabja / Basil Seeds 100 g68
Satyam Pistachios 100 g342
Wonderland Foods Premium Chaat Masala Flavoured Phool Makhana 100 g123
Nature’s Choice Royale Fard Dates 500 g165
Gourmia California Roasted & Salted Pistachios 200 g375
Wonderland Foods Thai Sweet Chilli Flavoured Phool Makhana 100 g123
Navjeevan Pumpkin Seeds 100 g80
Wonderland Foods Roasted & Salted Almonds 100 g138
Shree Anjeer 200 g313
Shree Plain Kaju 100 g145
Regency Standard Afghan Kishmish 250 g209
Wonderland Foods Premium Roasted & Salted Pistachios 200 g259
Shree Pumpkin Seeds 100 g95
Karmiq Dried Blueberries 100 g199
Karmiq Green Afghan Raisins 200 g157
Best Farms Sandukani Kishmish 100 g144
Wonderland Foods Pitted Prunes 200 g229
Satyam Khajur 500 g100
Shree White Kharek 500 g262
Shree Kashmiri Akrod Magaj 100 g175
Gourmia Tangy Masala Roasted Cashews 200 g358
Shree Almonds 200 g241
Shree Plain Almonds 100 g121
Wonderland Foods Premium Roasted & Salted Cashews 100 g138
Wonderland Foods Sliced Dried Cranberries 200 g159
Shree Black Kishmish 100 g74
Shree Jardalu / Apricots 100 g72
Neu Farm Flax Seeds 200 g41
Navjeevan Sabja Seeds 200 g80
Shree Value Pack Salted Pista 170 g215
Navjeevan Sunflower Seeds 100 g48
DCC Delicious Roasted & Salted Cashews 80 g119
Shree Watermelon Seeds 250 g181
Satyam Sabja Seeds 100 g56
Shree Broken (2 pcs) Cashews 100 g144
Shree Plain Kaju 200 g289
Gourmia Roasted & Lightly Salted Cashews 200 g358
Sapphero Unshelled Walnuts 200 g598
Shree Mixed Dry Fruits 200 g201
Satyam Cashews 100 g140
Shree Indian Kishmish 100 g54
DCC Delicious Roasted & Salted Cashews 200 g292
Kokan Gem Classic Goa Cashews 500 g469
Shree Mixed Dry Fruits 100 g101
Karmiq Indian Raisins 200 g99