How to Find a List of Mohalla Clinic Near Me in Punjab

Are you searching for the list of Mohalla Clinic Near me in the Punjab area? “Where is Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic in my City (Punjab)”.

We are going to share the list of Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinics that are going to be operational soon in the city near you. Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Bhagwant Mann on Monday dedicated 75 ‘Aam Aadmi Clinics’ to the people of the State to mark 75 years of India’s independence.

List of Mohalla Clinic Pdf Excel?

Are you looking for a List of Mohalla clinics in pdf & excel files? Today we will provide full details of the 75 mohalla clinic in Punjab.

Official the Punjab Govt. has not shared any list yet. But as per their official website of they have shared public notice for “EMPANELMENT OF MEDICAL OFFICER FOR HEALTH CLINICS/HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTERS/MOHALLA CLINICS IN URBAN & RURAL AREAS BY THE DEPARTMENT OF HEALTH & FAMILY WELFARE PUNJAB”

From the PDF you can get an idea of the upcoming Mohalla clinic in the nearest city. As you can see in the screenshot below they are seeking applications for the post of “Medical officer” at the upcoming Mohalla clinic.

How to Find a List of Mohalla Clinic Near Me in Punjab

List of Mohalla Clinic in Punjab Near Me?

A list of the Mohalla clinic in Punjab is given on the next page. They are seeking Medical Officer for the 75 Mohalla Clinic & upcoming clinic as well. Aam Aadmi Mohalla clinic near me is the best option for the common man when looking for affordable & reliance public health services.

Aam Aadmi mohalla clinic near meUpcoming Mohalla Clinic 
Fatehgarh Sahib5
SAS Nagar15
SBS Nagar7
Sri Muktsar Sahib9
Tarn Taran9

Link of the advertisement for Mohalla clinic (Medical Officer)

What are tests & Medicines available at Mohalla clinic?

Officially Punjab govt has not shared any list or we don’t have any list available yet. Once the list is available in the public domain we will share it here.

For your reference below is the list of Delhi Mohalla clinics;-

List of 212 Tests available in Mohalla ClinicList of 212 Tests available in Mohalla Clinic
1. Urine routine- pH, specific gravity, sugar, protein, and microscopy107. CK MB Mass
2. Urine Nicroalbimin108. Troponin I
3. Stool routine109. Troponin T
4. Stool occult blood110. Glucose Phosphate Dehydrogenase (G, ^PD)
5. Haemoglobin (Hb)111. Lithium
6. Total Leucocytic Count (TLC)112. Dilantin (phenytoin)
7. Differential Leucocytic Count (DLC)113. Carbamazepine
8. E.S.R.114. Valproic acid
9. Total Red Cell count with MCV, MCH, MCHC, DRW115. Ferritin
10. Complete haemoglobin/CBC, Hb, RBC count and indices, TLC, DLC, Platelet, ESR, Peripheral smear examination116. Blood gas analysis
11. Platelet count117. Blood gas analysis with electrolytes
12. Reticulocyte count118. Urine pregnancy test
13. Absolute Eosinophil count119. Tests for Antiphospholipid antibodies syndrome
14. Packed Cell Volume120. Hb A1 C
15. Peripheral Smear examination121. Hb Electrophoresis/ Hb HPLC
16. Smear for Malaria parasite122. Kidney Function Test
17. Bleeding time123. Liver Function Test
18. Osmotic fragility test124. Lipid Profile (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, treiglycerides)
19. Bone marrow smear examination125. Serum iron
20. Bone marrow smear examination with iron stain126. Total Iron Binding Capacity
21. Bone marrow smear examination and cytochemistry127. Serum Ferritin
22. Activated partial Thromboplastin Time (APTT)128. Vitamin B12 assay
23. Rapid test for Malaria (card test)129. Folic Acid Assay
24. WBC cytochemistry for leukemia – complete panel130. Extended Lipid Profile (total cholesterol, LDL, HDL, treiglycerides, Apo A1, Apo B, Lp(a))
25. Bleeding disorder panel- PT, APTT, Thrombin Time Fibrinogen, D-Dimer/FDP131. Apo A1
26. Factor Assays- Factor IX132. Apo B
27. Platelet Function Test133. Lp (a)
28. Tests for hypercoagulable states- Protein C, Protein S, Antithrombin134. CD 3, 4 and 8 counts
29. Tests for lupus anticoagulant135. CD 3, 4 and 8 percentage
30. Tests for Antiphospholipid antibody IgG, IgM (for cardiolipin and B2 Glycoprotein)136. LDL
31. Thalassemia studies (Red Cell indices and Hb HPLC)137. Homocysteine
32. Tests for Sickling/Hb HPLC138. HB Electrophoresis
33. Blood group and Rh type139. Serum Electrophoresis
34. Cross match140. Fibrinogen
35. Coomb’s Test (direct)141. Chloride
36. Coomb’s Test (indirect)142. Magneisum
37. 3 cell panel- antibody screening for pregnant females143. GGTP
38. 11 cells panel for antibody identification144. Lipase
39. HBs Ag145. Fructosamine
40. HCV146. Β2 microglobulin
41. HIV I and II147. Creatinine clearance
42. VDRL148. PSA- Total
43. Rh Antibody titer149. PSA- Free
44. Platelet concentrate150. AFP
45. Random Donor Platelet (RDP)151. HCG
46. Single Donor Platelet (SDP- Aphresis)152. CA 125
47. Routine- H & E153. CA 15.3
48. Special stain154. Vinyl Mandelic Acid
49. Paraffin section155. Calcitonin
50. Parraffin section156. Carcioembryonic antigen (CEA)
51. Pap smear157. Immunofluorescnence
52. Body fluid for malignant cells158. Direct (Skin and kidney disease)
53. FNAC159. Indirect (antids DNA Anti Smith ANCA)
54. FISH160. VitD3 assay
55. Blood Glucose Random161. Serum Protein electrophoresis with immunofixation electrophoresis (IFE)
56. 24 hours urine for proteins, sodium, creatinine162. BETA-2 Microglobulin assay
57. Blood Urea Nitrogen163. Anti-cycliocitrullinated peptide (Anti CCP)
58. Serum Creatinine164. Anti-tissue transglutaminase antibody
59. Urine Bile Pigment and Salt165. Serum Erythropoetin
60. Urine Urobilinogen166. ACTH
61. Urine Ketones167. T3, T4, TSH
62. Urine Occult Blood168. T3
63. Urine total proteins169. T4
64. Rheumatoid Factor test170. TSH
65. Bence Jones protein171. LH
66. Serum Uric Acid172. FSH
67. Serum Bilirubin total & direct173. Prolactin
68. Serum Iron174. Cortisol
69. CRP175. PTH (Paratharmone)
70. CRP Quantitative176. C-Peptide
71. Body Fluid (CSF/Ascitic Fluid etc.) Sugar, Protein, etc.177. Insulin
72. Albumin178. Progesterone
73. Creatinine Clearance179. 17-DH Progesterone
74. Serum cholesterol180. DHEAS
75. Total Iron Binding Capacity181. Androstenedione
76. Glucose (fasting & PP)182. Growth Hormone
77. Serum Calcium – Total183. TPO
78. Serum Calcium – Ionic184. Throglobulin
79. Serum Phosphorus185. Hydatic Serology
80. Total Protein Alb/Glo Ratio186. Anti-Sperm Antibodies
81. IgG187. HPV serology
82. IgM188. Rota Virum serology
83. IgA189. PCR for HIV
84. ANA190. Chlamydae antibody
85. Ds DNA191. Brucella serology
86. SGPT192. Urinary copper
87. SGOT193. Serum homocystine
88. Serum amylase194. Serum valproatelevel
89. Serum Lipase195. Serum phenol barbitone level
90. Serum Lactate196. Coagulation profile
91. Serum Magnesium197. Serum lactate level
92. Serum Sodium198. Basic studies including cell count, protein, sugar, gram stain, India Ink, preparation, and smear for AFP
93. Serum Potassium199. Bacterial culture and sensitivity
94. Serum Ammonia200. Fungal culture
95. Anemia Profile201. Malignant cells
96. Serum Testosterone202. Viral culture
97. Imprint Smear From Endoscopy203. Lactate
98. Triglyceride204. Osmolality urine
99. Glucose Tolerance Test (GTT)205. Osmolality serum
100. CPK206. Urinary serum
101. Foetal Haemoglobin (HbF)207. Urinary sodium
102. Prothrombin Time (PT)208. Urinary chloride
103. L>D>H>209. Urinary potassium
104. Alkaline Phosphatase210. Urinary calcium
105. Acid Phosphatase211. Thyroid binding globulin
106. CK MB212. 24-hour urinary free cortisole

We may see a similar kind of list available in the Punjab Mohalla clinic in your nearest location.

List of Medicines available at Mohalla Clinic

Below is the list of Medicines available at the Delhi Mohalla clinic. Punjab Mohalla clinics may see similar kinds of medicines.

Anti Allergic medicines used in AnaphylaxisMedicines For Asthma and COPD
Anti-Infective MedicinesMedicines for Anaemia
Anti Spasmodic MedicinesAnti Fungal Medicines
Analgesics, Antipyretics, Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Medicines, and Medicines for GouAnti-Septics
DiureticsAnti-Viral Medicines
Antidiabetic MedicinesVitamins and Minerals
AntacidsLaxative Medicines
ProgesteronesRehydration Solution
AntitussivesOphthalmological Preparations
Anti Inflammatory & Anti Pruritic MedicinesVasodialators
Anti Protozoal MedicinesAnti Biotics
Dental PreparationsTopical Eye/ENT Preparations
Anti Fungal Dermatological PreperationAnti Anxiety
Thyroid and Anti Thyroid MedicinesAntiemetic Medicines

How to Check if Mohalla Clinic near me is open?

To check the list of Mohalla clinics in the nearest area take the help of Google Maps.

It shows the nearest Mohalla clinic.

Mohalla Clinic List in Jalandhar Near Me;-

Below is the list of the Mohalla clinic which is open to the public now in the Jalandhar city area.

Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic List JalandharAddress District
Kabir Vihar Mohalla ClinicKabir Vihar, Jalandhar, PunjabJalandhar
Rajan Colony Mohalla clinicRajan colony, Jalandhar, PunjabJalandhar
Awalpura Mohalla clinicAwalpura, Jalandhar, PunjabJalandhar
Farwala Mohalla ClinicFarwala, Jalandhar, PunjabJalandhar
Palsa Mohalla ClinicPalsa, Jalandhar, PunjabJalandhar
Rasulpur Mohalla clinicRasulpur, Jalandhar, PunjabJalandhar

Mohalla Clinic List in Ludhiana Near Me;-

Below is the list of the Mohalla clinic which is open to the public now in the Ludhiana city area.

Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic List LudhianaAddressDistrict
Transport Nagar Mohalla ClinicTransport Nagar, Ludhiana, PunjabLudhiana
Metro Road Mohalla ClinicMetro Road, Ludhiana, PunjabLudhiana
Chandi Cinema Mohalla ClinicChand Cinema area, Ludhiana, PunjabLudhiana
Kadwai Nagar Mohalla ClinicKadwai Nagar area, Ludhiana, PunjabLudhiana
Focal Point Mohalla ClinicFocal Point area, Ludhiana, PunjabLudhiana
Dhandari Kalan Mohalla ClinicDhandari Kalan area, Ludhiana, PunjabLudhiana
Raikot Mohalla ClinicRaikot area, Ludhiana, PunjabLudhiana
Jagroan Mohalla ClinicJagraon city, Ludhiana, PunjabLudhiana
Khanna Mohalla ClinicKhanna area, Ludhiana, PunjabLudhiana

Mohalla Clinic List in Patiala Near Me;-

Below is the list of the Mohalla clinic which is open to the public now in the Patiala city area.

Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic List PatialaAddress District
Bhasha Bhavan Aam Aadmi ClinicBhasha Bhavan, Patiala, PunjabPatiala
Jhil village Aam Aadmi ClinicJhil village, Patiala, PunjabPatiala
Old Mc Office Dulladi Gate Nabha Aam Aadmi ClinicOld Mc Office Dulladi Gate Nabha Aam Aadmi Clinic, PatialaPatiala

Aam Aadmi Patry Mohalla Clinic List Amritsar;-

Check the list of the nearest clinic in the Amritsar District area.

Aam Aadmi Patry Mohalla Clinic List Amritsar Address District
Kabir Park Mohalla ClinicAmritsar, PunjabAmritsar
Sewa Nagar Mohalla ClinicAmritsar, PunjabAmritsar
Ranjit Avenue Mohalla ClinicAmritsar, PunjabAmritsar
Pink Plaza Mohalla ClinicAmritsar, PunjabAmritsar
Bhagtawala Mohalla ClinicAmritsar, PunjabAmritsar
Muslimganj Mohalla ClinicAmritsar, PunjabAmritsar

Updated List of 500 Aam Aadmi Mohalla Clinic in Punjab

Recently Punjab govt. has announced the launch of 500 Mohalla Clinic in a city near you. Below is the PDF, and Excel List of the Clinic for your reference.

List of Mohalla Clinic in Ludhiana 2023

Sr. No.Clinic NameAddressAreaCity
1CHC Koomkalan Community Health CenterGovt Ss School Koom Kalan,  Punjab  141126Kum KalanLudhiana
2UPHC Salem Tabri Primary Health CenterGuru Amarda Building. Salem Tabri, Near Pnb Bank,  Punjab  141001Ludhiana EastLudhiana
3CHC Payal Community Health CenterChc Payal,  Punjab  141416PayalLudhiana
4CHC Machhiwara Community Health CenterChc Machiwara, Near Gani Khan Nabi. Khan Gate, Ropar Road,  , Punjab  141115MachhiwaraSamrala
5CHC Pakhowal Community Health CenterVpo Pakhowal,  , Punjab  141108PakhowalRaikot
6CHC Dehlon Community Health CenterChc Dehlon,  Punjab  141118MaloudLudhiana
7CHC Sidwanbet Community Health CenterCHC, Sidhwan Bet, Near Police Station, Jagraon To Jallandhar Road,  Punjab  142033Sidhwan BetLudhiana
8CHC Hathur Community Health CenterNear Gurudwara Sahib,  , Punjab  142031Bailspur RoadHathur
9CHC Sahnewal Community Health CenterChc Sahnewal, Purana Bazaar, Near Railway Lines Gas Agency,  Punjab  141120SahnewalLudhiana
10PHC Ghawaddi Primary Health CenterGhawaddi,  Punjab  141206MaloudLudhiana
11PHC Jodhan Primary Health CenterVpo Jodhan,  , Punjab  142029PakhowalRaikot
12PHC Kalakh Primary Health CenterVpo Kalakh,  Punjab  141204PakhowalLudhiana
13PHC Laduwal Primary Health CenterPolice Station Ladhowal,  Punjab  141008Kum KalanLudhiana
14PHC Mansooran Primary Health CenterVpo Mansuran,  Punjab  142029PakhowalLudhiana
15CHC Gurusar Sudhar Community Health CenterOpposite Ghg Khalsa College Sudhar, Punjab  141101Mullanpur Raikot RoadGur Sar Sudhar Sudhar
16CHC Maloud Community Health CenterMalaudh,  Punjab  141119MaloudLudhiana
17PHC Chowkiman Primary Health CenterNear Water Tank,  Punjab  142023HathurLudhiana
18PHC Hambran Primary Health CenterPHC, Hambran, Near Bus Stand,  Punjab  141110Sidhwan BetLudhiana
19Phc Isru Primary Health CenterNear Nankana Sahib Public SchoolNear Nankana Sahib Public SchoolManupur
20PHC Katanikalan Primary Health CenterRh Katani Kalan, Gt Road To Chandigarh, Near Veternity Hospital,  Punjab  141113SahnewalLudhiana
21PHC Kaunke Kalan Primary Health CenterGovt High School For Girls,  Punjab  142026HathurLudhiana
22PHC Mullanpur Primary Health CenterPhc Mullanpur, Ludhiana Ferozepur Road,  Punjab  141101SahnewalLudhiana
23PHC Rampur Primary Health CenterPhc Rampur,  Punjab  141418PayalLudhiana
24CHC Manupur Community Health CenterNear Govt. Sr. Sec. School ManupurNear Govt. Sr. Sec. School ManupurManupur
25PHC Andlu Primary Health CenterVpo Andlu,  , Punjab  141108PakhowalRaikot
26PHC Bassian Primary Health CenterGur Sar Sudhar SudharGur Sar Sudhar SudharLudhiana
27PHC Bhadla Primary Health CenterNear Govt. High SchoolNear Govt. High SchoolManupur
28PHC Bhanohar Primary Health CenterSahnewalSahnewalLudhiana
29PHC Boparai Kalan Primary Health CenterGur Sar Sudhar SudharGur Sar Sudhar SudharLudhiana
30PHC Ghungrali Sikha Primary Health CenterNear Shiv MandirNear Shiv MandirManupur
31PHC Latala Primary Health CenterPakhowalPakhowalLudhiana
32PHC Lohatbadhi Primary Health CenterGur Sar Sudhar SudharGur Sar Sudhar SudharLudhiana
33PHC Mandiala Kalan Primary Health CenterPayalPayalLudhiana
34PHC Manuke Primary Health CenterHathurHathurLudhiana
35PHC Mattewara Primary Health CenterKum KalanKum KalanLudhiana
36PHC Mehdudana Primary Health CenterNear Focal PointNear Focal PointManupur
37PHC Mohie Primary Health CenterGur Sar Sudhar SudharGur Sar Sudhar SudharLudhiana
38PHC Purain Primary Health CenterSidhwan BetSidhwan BetLudhiana
39PHC Rauni Primary Health CenterNear Vishvakarma MandirNear Vishvakarma MandirManupur
40PHC Sawadi Kalan Primary Health CenterSidhwan BetSidhwan BetLudhiana
41PHC Siarh Primary Health CenterMaloudMaloudLudhiana
42PHC Talwandi Kalan Primary Health CenterSidhwan BetSidhwan BetLudhiana
43PHC Uttalon Primary Health CenterOpposite Govt. Primary School.Opposite Govt. Primary School.Manupur


What is the Punjab Mohalla clinic’s official website?

The official website of Mohalla Clinic in Punjab is

Is the clinic free of cost for medicine & test?

Yes, most of the tests & medicines are free of cost.