Bluestone Gorakhpur Civil Lines Contact Number

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Bluestone Gorakhpur Civil Lines; In Today’s post we share complete details about the Bluestone Gorakhpur store. So today we sharing complete details of the store; Address, Contact Number, Opening Time, Closing Time along with Online shopping offers for today. It’s a dream destination for all the jewellery lover in the city.It has wide range of products & the collection is latest & trendy as well. Blue Stone is perfect destination for your Gold & Diamond jewelry shopping. In recent time they have received huge appreciation for it’s customers. They offer wide range of Gold, Silver, Diamonds & other gems products are very reasonable & competitive price. It’s open in your city now.

Where is Bluestone Gorakhpur Civil Lines Located?

As this is a new store, finding the exact address may be difficult as the listing is not properly listed in Google listing page. So we are sharing exact, accurate & updated store address details. Below is the address of Bluestone Gorakhpur Jewellery store.Check the complete address along with the nearby location details.Address Details; Blue Stone Gorakhpur
  • BKD Square,10 Park Road,Civil Lines, Gorakhpur Civil Lines Gorakhpur

What are Bluestone Gorakhpur Civil Lines Contact Details?

The store contact details, phone number, email address & customer care number details. Knowing the contact details are helpful whenever we have any query or concern or product related issue.So if you are searching for What is Blue StoneGorakhpur, than read on for the updated contact details of the showroom. You can call on the given number during the store hours only.Blue Stone Civil Lines Gorakhpur Contact number is 86558-02660.
  • Bluestone Gorakhpur Customer Care Number; 8655808335
  • Blue Stone Gorakhpur Contact Number; +91-8655808335
  • Blue Stone Online Shopping Helpline Number; +8655808335
  • Toll Free Number;  18004190066
  • Website;
  • Email id; [email protected]
  • Instagram;

What are Bluestone Gorakhpur Civil Lines Opening & Closing Timings?

Before going to the store, always check the store opening & closing time as given below. What are the timings of the Bluestone Civil Lines Gorakhpur Store?What time does it open & close? Is it open today or tomorrow? These are the questing which comes in mind, whenever we plan our shopping. Today answers all your question below are the timings details of the store. You can easily check the timings of the store & schedule your shopping accordingly.
Day Bluestone Gorakhpur Opening Time Bluestone Gorakhpur Closing Time
Monday11:00 AM09:00 PM
Tuesday11:00 AM09:00 PM
Wednesday11:00 AM09:00 PM
Thursday11:00 AM09:00 PM
Friday11:00 AM09:00 PM
Saturday11:00 AM09:00 PM
Sunday11:00 AM09:00 PM

How to do Online Shopping in Gorakhpur City?

Online shopping in Gorakhpur area for Gold & Diamonds products is quite easy. Just download the shopping app or use the online platform for home delivery.
  • Download the app,
  • Register on the shopping app,
  • Browse & select the product,
  • Add product to cart,
  • Complete payment process,
Now you are done with it, you products will arrive soon. The another option may be calling the store & asking them for a home delivery service, as it’s very easy & convenience method.

What are the Products available at Gorakhpur Bluestone store?

The jewellery store offers wide range of latest collection products. It’s your one stop destination for Silver, Gold & Diamonds jewellery products shopping.Check the products available at the store near you.Adorable Teddy Bear Bracelet for Kids
  • Bracelet 22 Karat
  • Slender Gold Bracelet
  • Gold Elephant Bracelet for Kids
  • Sleek Om Bracelet
  • Sleek Beaded Bracelet
  • Sharp Abstract Bracelet
  • Charming Leafy Bracelet
  • Radiant Hexagonal Bracelet
  • Love Yourself Bracelet
  • Blooming Glam Bracelet
  • Modern Clean Bracelet
  • Magnificent Tridev Rakhi Bracelet
  • Radiant Circles Bracelet
  • Joyous Lohri Bracelet
  • Flourishing Harvest Lohri Bracelet
  • Soaring Kites Makar Sankranti Bracelet
  • Intricate Grace Bracelet
  • Bold Beauty Bracelet
  • Slender Traditional Gold Bracelet
  • Stunning Intricate Bracelet
  • Subtle Dual Tone Bracelet
  • Glorious Flower Bracelet
  • Intricate Leafy Bracelet

What is Latest Bluestone Jewellery Price in Gorakhpur City?

As the prices of Gold, Silver & Diamonds depends upon daily market & fluctuate daily, so it’s keep changing. To know the price of the products you may visit the official website or check the below given price as on today only.Check the latest collection of Men Rings specially designed in Gold & Diamond for the special occasion. This is best option for gift purpose. It’s best gift for a gentlemen.
Men Gold Ring Price List TodayPrice
The Dahadaha Gold Men Ring₹26,159
The Nilav Diamond Men Ring₹44,607
The Zrimat Diamond Men Ring₹30,174
The Jarlath Diamond Men Ring₹30,791
The Shiva Gold Men Ring₹21,820
The Ryker Diamond Men Ring₹27,004
The Tivona Diamond Men Ring₹37,288
The Neason Diamond Men Ring₹24,206
The Kagan Diamond Men Ring₹28,745
The Dayton Diamond Men Ring₹23,338
The Eric Diamond Men Ring₹161,048
The Germain Diamond Men Ring₹33,995
The Om Gold Men Ring20,761
The Walfrid Diamond Men Ring64,460
The Dakshina Gold Men Ring55,293
The Bill Diamond Men Ring85,752
The Griswold Gold Men Ring25,190
The Weber Gold Men Ring41,937
The Shemariah Diamond Men Ring277,525
The Amit Gold Men Ring25,951
The Macy Diamond Men Ring38,445
The Zavian Diamond Men Ring24,874
The Eddie Diamond Men Ring46,832
The Mynogan Gold Men Ring49,273
The Gary Diamond Men Ring48,389
The Fachnan Diamond Men Ring124,700
The Tremaine Diamond Men Ring59,822
The Ekayan Diamond Men Ring59,847
The Lothar Gold Men Ring For Him60,207
The Sihaam Diamond Men Ring48,501
The Wector Diamond Men Ring33,567
The Ide Diamond Men Ring30,079
The Murtagh Gold Men Ring For Him57,646
The Verina Diamond Men Ring55,323
The Kent Diamond Men Ring44,246
The Kulbart Gold Men Ring For Him52,110
The Henwas Gold Men Ring For Him34,463
The Ahanta Gold Men Ring31,141
The Jeeteshi Gold Men Ring41,314
The Nichol Diamond Men Ring36,109
The Annabla Diamond Men Ring36,042
The Cornell Diamond Men Ring30,413
The Bearcban Diamond Men Ring208,312
The Hagan Diamond Men Ring32,037
The Jigisha Diamond Men Ring50,505
The Obharnait Diamond Men Ring28,566
The Zahi Diamond Men Ring27,727
The Davis Diamond Men Ring40,825
The Adam Diamond Men Ring40,825
The Parn Diamond Men Ring77,228
The Riocard Gold Men Ring For Him54,878
The Georg Diamond Men Ring48,456
The Eagan Diamond Men Ring41,049
The Werner Gold Men Ring29,100
The Tomasine Diamond Men Ring27,766
The Claesh Diamond Men Ring46,220
The Cain Diamond Men Ring38,266
The Roy Diamond Men Ring56,482
The Yorke Diamond Men Rings40,491
The Hunter Diamond Men Ring44,541
The Jarsheni Diamond Men Ring55,537
The Dahl Diamond Men Ring58,568
The Trey Diamond Men Ring31,592
The Cole Diamond Men Ring105,094
The William Diamond Men Ring51,059
The Ezhilan Diamond Men Ring29,562
The Cattee Diamond Men Ring29,679
The Ben Diamond Men Ring58,596
The Kiefer Diamond Men Ring31,014
The Herbert Gold Men Ring43,390
The Harie Diamond Men Ring196,104

What is Blue Stone Mangalsutra Price Today in Gorakhpur?

Mangalsutra is a essential ornament of a female. Moreover it’s best gift for a wife from a husband. Check the latest Mangal Sutra price in you city. 
Sr.No.Bluestone Mangalsutra Price ListPrice
1Mesmerising Floret Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 40361
2Charming Dainty Mangalsutra₹ 44004
3Radiant Flower Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 48169
4Floral Beauty Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 52284
5Dazzling Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 56974
6Elegant Nature Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 41680
7Elegant Knot Mangalsutra₹ 90150
8Slender Vati Mangalsutra₹ 48130
9Sparkling Simplicity Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 49194
10Classic Gold Mangalsutra₹ 43866
11Charming Gold Beaded Mangalsutra₹ 65503
12Carved Ball Mangalsutra₹ 45470
13Brilliant Spherical Mangalsutra₹ 42076
14Sophisticated Charming Gold Mangalsutra₹ 29424
15Sleek Contemporary Mangalsutra₹ 49395
16Alluring Petite Gold Mangalsutra₹ 43470
17Delicate Yellow Gold Carved Bead Mangalsutra₹ 47519
18Stunning Yellow Gold Carved Bead Mangalsutra₹ 41100
19Marvellous Beaded Mangalsutra₹ 53891
20Infinity Floral Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 52571
21Grand Floral Mangalsutra₹ 90979
22Shiva Damru Mangalsutra₹ 54964
23Slender Artistic Mangalsutra₹ 41460
24Elegant Geometric Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 36875
25Blooming Love Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 39093
26Leafy Sparkle Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 41336
27Everlasting Love Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 42088
28Bright Love Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 42010
29Charming Circlets Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 42604
30Blissful Circular Mangalsutra₹ 43002
31Lovely Tassels Mangalsutra₹ 47580
32Starry Dainty Mangalsutra₹ 43766
33Dainty Floral Mangalsutra₹ 45235
34Sublime Teardrop Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 50879
35Flower Power Mangalsutra₹ 51891
36Gold Bead Mangalsutra₹ 53013
37Ornate Cylindrical Mangalsutra₹ 58200
38Mesmerising Petite Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 53973
39Nature Inspired Mangalsutra₹ 56831
40Lovely Orb Mangalsutra₹ 59326
41Graceful Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 59813
42Geometric Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 63815
43Elegant Lovely Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 66507
44Charming Romantic Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 90096
45Nature Inspired Mangalsutra₹ 44558
46Elegant Dainty Mangalsutra₹ 48800
47Sublime Leafy Mangalsutra₹ 48956
48Intricate Tassel Mangalsutra₹ 48383
49Dainty Tassels Mangalsutra₹ 47750
50Blooming Lovel Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 47286
51Glamorous Floral Mangalsutra₹ 51785
52Sleek Floral Diamond Mangalsutra₹ 57448
53Gorgeous Rawa-work Mangalsutra₹ 68436
54Alluring Antique Mangalsutra₹ 67520
55Stately Vati Mangalsutra₹ 84490
56Graceful Beaded Mangalsutra₹ 76405
57Precious Leafy Mangalsutra₹ 89143
58Minimal Tassels Mangalsutra₹ 78737
59Graceful Tassels Mangalsutra₹ 68226
60Minimal Stylish Mangalsutra₹ 45005
61Brilliant Crescent Mangalsutra₹ 104677
62Radiant Union Mangalsutra₹ 55795
63Wavy Antique Mangalsutra₹ 70177
64Dainty Loop and Orb Mangalsutra₹ 86665
65Stylish Bead Mangalsutra₹ 76229
66Glamorous Antique Mangalsutra₹ 58930
67Abstract Floral Mangalsutra₹ 60099
68Flawless Antique Mangalsutra₹ 61826
69Paisley Tassels Mangalsutra₹ 105824
70Delightful Loop Mangalsutra₹ 93676
71Opulent Abstract Mangalsutra₹ 80442
72Chic Geometric Mangalsutra₹ 100938

Question-What is Bluestone Gorakhpur Civil Lines Store address?

  • Answer-The store is located at; BKD Square,10 Park Road,Civil Lines, Gorakhpur Civil Lines Gorakhpur.

Question- What is the customer care number of Civil Lines Gorakhpur Blue Stone Store?

  • 8655808335 is the customer care number of Bhubaneswar City Bluestone store.


Today we share complete details about Bluestone Gorakhpur Civil Lines, If you still have any query or concern about today’s post, comment below. Follow our website & bookmark it for getting latest & updated information.